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Our message boards have been developed for our Players and Cast to meet, converse, exchange e-mail addresses, share information, and role-play between events. It is for the enjoyment of our members. These below rules will be posted (link to this page) periodically on the out-of-game message board so new and potential members are familiarized with our policies.

Our message boards are a reflection of us all (Cast, Players, and Staff) as a whole, and unprofessional or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Please be courteous.

Our message board is moderated by rabid trolls three days a week (you guess which three).

Please do not use the MJ Message board as a means to solicit other games, websites, or products without permission from Mythical Journeys. Messages of this nature posted without permission will be deleted immediately by Board Moderators. Please refrain from posting other game systems or links to such on our Message Boards. If you have received permission to post please make a note in your post. ("Posted with permission from MJ" works)

You may not use this board for posting if you are currently suspended from game play at Mythical Journeys. Posting from suspended individuals will be removed and suspension time may be extended. Being suspended from Mythical Journeys means an inability to participate in the game in any manner.

Please try to post on the appropriate board.

Swearing or other conduct that could be deemed inappropriate is forbidden. Please do your best to keep this site (at least) PG-13. Dont make us add a filter.

DO NOT use the message board for negative feedback, complaints, flames, etc. Direct this feedback to or better yet use the HELP or FEEDBACK features Messages of an inappropriate nature may be reported using the Bio Hazard symbol this will hide them and send an email to our moderators.

Do feel free to post positive comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. You may also send these to or better yet use the HELP or FEEDBACK features where they will receive the proper attention they deserve.

Note: We have the ability to trace posted messages to their poster. This information is only available to the MJ Staff and is used only when message board rules are broken.

Do NOT post in ALL CAPS "All Caps" should only be used sparingly. Messages from MJ and a FEW select messages from players will be allowed to be in All Caps. This will be used sparingly by MJ as well. (It really is just annoying).

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